TCR Network: Summer ’17 Excerpts

Steve Williams of Pasinex
Outtakes: Sleep Science, Asanko Gold, Index Shuffle


TIBURON, California — TCR outsiders, as in non-paying viewers: we added three notes to this report Tuesday June 6, 2017. You’ll see them, regarding the gold-silver index shuffle, Riverside Resources and one other, at the close of the report.


Met this morning with Michael Johnson, Melbourne CEO  of RhinoMed Global. [June 1, 2017]


That is the sleep-science company whose $20 Mute and Turbine products look to populate retailers’ shelves in the USA, Australia and the U.K. The sleep-aids and sports device already are in 6,000 stores worldwide as of June 1.


TCR Network outtakes are from reports sent to our network May 29 to June 6, 2017


If Michael Johnson succeeds, he and his sales team will have tripled that number in a few months. Largely, in America via a potential Walgreens placement of the analog devices for aiding sleep and combatting snoring.



“No one is happy with their sleep these days,” says Mr. Johnson, who is on his way to a Boston sleep and dental conference. “What do you want, sleep, sex or money?”

Michael Johnson of RhinoMed



Punchline: “Well, if I had more sleep, I’d have more sex and more money.”

More to come for TCR Network. RNO in Australia .

Asanko Gold: the short-seller in San Francisco (Muddy Waters) is enjoying Ghana-co’s slide. This is all about the cost of putting a Ghana open pit at Nkran into production. Part of it is sliding because of the usual crazy rains in Ghana.



If you would like some comments from one geologist who helped “discover”  or shape the Ghana property at the center of the AKG sell-off and slight recovery today, please ping me. I was there with Doug MacQuarrie years ago. ​ My take: a feasibility study that Asanko is putting out Monday (June 5, 2017) will show tremendous economics for the Nkran mine. As a second Ghana operator (Xtra-Gold’s James Longshore) tells me, “Regardless of the condition of Nkran, there is a lot, a real lot of gold there.”  I do not own Asanko shares. I have met the principals and been to the project in question (twice).

Immunovaccine: a “bought” financing looks like excellent news. Some $10 million into the kitty if fully subscribed — with (I take it) no warrants.


Dalradian Resources: Ireland.  I bought into it today. This has to do with the purchase of a royalty, the possible booty of o warrants (expiry July 2017) at a higher stock price and other factors. Might be wrong here — this is why it is a speculation. Dalradian’s flagship gold projects is in Ireland. Dalradian Resources is DNA in Canada. [June 1, 2017]​



That GDX/GDXJ shuffle: details from the San Francisco firm that manages these gold-silver miners’ major ETFs come later this week. Van Eck is raising the bar for entry into the ETFs, which are based on similar indexes. Some, including my contemporary broker and a resources visionary, in Carlsbad, California, say much of the selling of those “smaller  non-Barrick  names” — such as Gold Standard Ventures, McEwen Mining possibly and many others with market values less than $1 billion USD — is still to come.



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It is probable that hedge funds, aggressive individuals, algorithmic traders and so on all lined up to sell or short-sell the mid-sized prospectors and miners of gold and silver earlier this year, anticipating this week’s index shuffle. Probably.  Looks like a buying opportunity for those who want the best of the mid-sized miners and prospectors: Alamos Gold, Mag Silver, Pretivm, Almaden Minerals and a few others.



Of these, I own Alamos Gold (and AGI 2019 warrants), Seabridge Gold,  Gold Standard Ventures (which likely deserved a downsizing of its market-cap and which I have been selling for more than a year for a profit) and one or two others in the $300 million to $1 billion slot.



Much  more for TCR Network members distributed privately. That includes the direct-shipping  miracle of profitable zinc producer Pasinex Resources (Turkey).

Additions June 6: 

The index shuffle at NYC’s Van Eck and other ETF and index handlers — finally will benefit tattered mining stocks such as Alamos Gold, Almaden Minerals, Pretivm, Seabridge Gold, McEwen Mining, possibly Gold Standard Ventures (if it does not keep diluting with financings) and anything that is between $300 million and $1 billion USD or so. [Of those, I own Seabridge, Alamos, Alamos warrants, McEwen (recent purchase as of this week) and Gold Standard].
Ignored in all of the index huff is the fact that the GDX and GDXJ, and other indexes and ETFs pinned to miners, are charter bound to keep their stakes in companies below 20 percent of the outstanding shares. In that way, ETFs based on these indexes are sometimes a boon and other times a bummer for investors because of their success gathering money from le hoi polloi. I think the sharp gains in miners this week already is anticipating the closure to forced selling that has rammed mining shares traded largely in North America.
CanAlaska Uranium‘s confirm of Denison drilling on its Moon Lake South project in uranium’s Saskatchewan Basin, Canada — that one announced along with other non-CanAlaska drilling in the pipeline by partner Denison Mines:

For a company waiting out a garbage uranium price, Denison Mines is a vibrant surprise for investors looking for exploration “pipeline” in the basin.
—  Thom Calandra, who owns some of the above shares, including RhinoMed. None of these companies pay him for anything except the price of TCR Network membership: $139. Thom owns about 30 resources-cos and three biomedical/science companies.


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