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I asked the D.C law firm representing VUI (Canada ticker) what the latest is on the company’s multi-year efforts to develop Coles Hill in Virginia. “We hope to hear about our petition to the Supreme Court late this month or early next; our state case is scheduled for trial in mid-December.”

That is​ John D. Ohlendorf of Cooper & Kirk, the D.C. firm telling Virginia Energy’s side of the story in the U.S. Supreme Court and in state of Virginia’s high court.

It is a lottery ticket, this one. There are those who say Coles Hill is America’s (USA) largest undeveloped uranium deposit. [VUI/VEGYF]

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FARMLAND PARTNERS: The real estate investment trust says it will buy central California land that grows almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans for $110 million. Western Farm Press covers the company —

The stock, FPI in USA is the ticker, rose on news of the acquisition Friday. That is a good sign;  at the current USD price, FPI shares yield 6.5%.

Olam Group, calling itself the world’s second largest almonds producer. is a Singapore company with California properties and products under the label Edible Nuts. FPI, an American company, says it will use cash from a recent offering of preferred stock, “but we plan to get debt financing to fund roughly 40% of the transaction,” David Ronco in San Francisco says.

FPI Shares RIse After Land Purchase Revealed

IMMUNOVACCINE — Next week closes the third quarter of 2017. I think executives and directors at IMV (Canada ticker) would prefer to see a pharma licensing pact for their DepoVax delivery methodology of  immuno-therapies (cancer, infectious diseases) before the start of the fourth quarter.

There are now more than 100 immunological clinical trials, and more than twice that number in pre-clinical stages in North America. That is a lot of competition. I bought more shares of IMV/IMMVF this week, taking my-our total to more than 210,000 shares.

Angkor Gold has a statement out to shareholders about recent developments at the Cambodia minerals developer. If you’d like to see it, please “ping” us here at TCR Network. ANK (Canada ticker) has four irons, or I guess we can call them ingnitable bamboo rods, in the fire.

The company’s stock, which I have owned for almost seven years, is worth $30 million USD all told, close to a multi-year low. Our January 2018 trip to see Cambodia with Angkor Gold and friends is set for mid-January.

Our cadre will be getting a generous, insiders’ look at a warm, green and friendly nation, albeit one with a power-mongering prime minister, 65-year-old Hun Sen, whose pre-summer-2018 national elections have him feeling insecure. You think?


Big consolation prize: we travel with a company, Angkor Gold, whose stock is low but whose spirits and community efforts in Ratanakiri Province are high.

NEW ORLEANSCanAlaksa Uranium is offering one or two TCR Network members a no-strings-attached pass to the New Orleans Investment Conference at the close of October. The show is probably my all-time favorite resources investing conference.


I say probably because New Orleans weather is on the unpredictable side, which also is the side that several of our TCR Network titles occupy.


Uranium equities are suffering. See? Totally unpredictable — where did that come from? (Editor: could it be a uranium price that  lives at a level lower than some of the Athabasca Basin uranium deposits are found?)


Ping me if you want one of those CanAlaska slots. I think the price for admission for four days of New Orleans presentations is about $600 USD.


CanAlaska (CVV in Canada/CVVUF in USA tickers) is one of three I own in uranium development/exploration.


The Canada company’s chairman, Thomas Graham, has a co-authored Cambridge Press book just published; “Seeing The Light” ticks off positive reasons for uranium-ignited power.


Scott Montgomery, a University of Washington professor, is the other author.

My Wednesday October 25 workshop in New Orleans follows an opening Precious Metals Panel I am overseeing earlier in the day. The workshop is in the evening and the title is: ‘Investing Questions You Are Dying To Get Answered.’

Some of those questions will cover uranium, plus gold and silver, and zinc mining, in Mexico, Yukon, maybe even touch on the USA state of Virginia’s need for miners and California’s bounty of Edible Nuts.

Answers For Your Questions

The conference registration is here at New Orleans Conference. That link will get you a discount on admission if you do not get one of those freebies.

I hope to see some of our TCR Network there asking questions and giving answers.

Notes: I still owe us notes about Oceanus Resources from a chat with CEO Glenn Jessome of Halifax. … I bought yet more RhinoMed Global, an Aussie sleep-science company, this week. Same for FPI and for Quebec’s Nouveau Monde Graphite this week, my portfolio entry for rechargeable batteries (cathodes). I added to a large stake in Immunovaccine as well.

— Thom Calandra [Some of this September 22, 2017, report is withheld for TCR Network subscribers. What can I say?]


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