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Blanchard’s Vault | BioCryst’s Immuno Rise | Physical Gold


TONOPAH, Nevada — I’m in the USA’s Great Basin, and I am reviewing a privately owned gold/silver property.


The claims-staker and owner, a 66-year-old geologist, says, “There’s always a holiday somewheres; but there is no rest for the wicked.”


Yup. So I am wicked.


First off


— Shares of immune-response drug developer BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX on NASDAQ) are rising again Monday. This as larger and better-known names (KITE & JUNO) are shaken up — concerns about clinical trials and inflated market cap for those two. BCRX is benefiting from company comments in a corporate update about the nature of the southern USA company’s strategy to protect its novel molecular compounds across at least a dozen diseases. (If you want to understand what all this means, read the transcript — CEO Jon Stonehouse)


A safety trial for a BCRX oral drug to treat rare hereditary angiodema just began enrollment. At $11 USD a share, BioCryst has about an $800 million market value. Please take a look at other immunos, as I call them, those that appear to be dirt cheap given their portfolio of possible treatments, or vaccines. In the case of anti-cancer vaccines — the one I am looking at but do not yet own is in Halifax, Canada: Immunovaccine (IMV in Canada). Can’t buy IMV today because Canada is celebrating Victoria Day holiday. IMV is an $85 million CAD market value right now. Actionable items to come on the developer of an oil-based antigen-delivery system (injection). The queen is dead; long live the immuno-scene.


— The reading list: Anthem Blanchard, son of late gold aficionado and coin dealer James Blanchard III, gets ink London way. (Did you know I worked at the FT in Londre, TCR family?) I’ll be chatting with Anthem later today about his approach to gold payment systems. I am a member of his Anthem Vault, yet must confess I have yet to use it.


Not to get into the noise about bitcoins and bitgold(s) and goldmoney(s) right now, but hey, I have been following this stuff since I first met alternative economist James Turk in London in 1999 or 2000. In addition: longtime (19 years?) family friend and next-door neighbor (here in Bel-Tiburon, California) Chris Kitze has developed gold vaults for electronic delivery and merchant processing, with one still in the works.


Please read the London article about the Anthem and James Blanchard; it’s worth the 2 minutes. Nice graphic, too. (In the image, stolen here, that is 35-year-old Anthem at the right, with his actual photo, and his late dad at far left, looking a lot like Robert Friedland of Ivanhoe Mines. In the middle: Richard Nixon and F.A Hayek, economist.)






Digital currencies = gold Anthem Blanchard and his father’s passion for gold.


Oh yes, and this fresh from Anthem this morning: “If you read this interview my dad gave to F.A. Hayek in 1984, when he first joined the Cato Institute as a board director, you could almost say (it foreshadows) the rise of the Hayek spendable gold (in cryptographic receipt form; aka real technology).” He adds, “Definitely great to see the idea of spendable gold resurrect again.”


— Second readable article London way:

Physical gold liquidity London’s precious metals traders no longer arrive at their desks to find phones flashing.


Finally, because I am in the SILVER STATE, as they call Nevada, this from Brad Cooke of Endeavour Silver (EXK in USA and EDR in Canada):  “What drove silver down starting in 2011 was the collapse of investment demand by the silver ETFs coupled with the turn from speculative demand to speculative supply in the paper market. What’s emerged during the past three years is a complete lack of sales from those silver ETFs (unlike the gold ETFs) coupled with a jump in physical demand primarily for coins in the west and jewelry in India.”


If you know Bradford Cooke, you know that yes, he does speak like that.


“Short positions in the paper market rely on the ready availability of physical silver to cover their positions. The recent flat supply coupled with rising physical demand is finally putting pressure on the paper market to move the short-long silver window upwards.” That’s Brad from Canada, just back from Mexico.


Endeavour Silver has mines in two Mexico locations. When silver is rising, EXK is a lively equity. I own it.


Folks, I will be heading to Cambodia yet again to eat cashews and spend time reviewing our Angkor Gold’s operations in the kingdom. I also will be seeing the fast-developing Mesco Gold Mine (with four inclines planned) in NE Cambodia. Mesco is operator of that Phum Syarung mine, which is minutes away from production — dependent of course on geological and financial presentations India’s Mesco must present to Cambodia regulators. Angkor Gold (ANK in Canada) will benefit from Mesco gold production with a sliding royalty from the high-grade, almost completed gold mine (an average of 7 grams per metric ton in some reports).


Mesco and Angkor also are deliberating further advancements for the nation of Cambodia and situated around high-grade gold properties that surround the Mesco Gold Mine. Mesco is active this spring in is own country as an acquirer of steel-making technology and equipment for its profitable and long-running pig-iron mine and plant in that nation. Its $187 million purchase of one company was named the top India M&A deal of April.


I shall be departing for the kingdom on Friday. The ANK (and ANKOF in USA) shares, as noted here 1,603 times since 2012, represent real gold in SE Asia, and cretive social advancement. ANK shares are at all-time high in USD and CAD. Fresh mineral assays to be delivered to market by June 30, and likely sooner. I also will be participating in social and community efforts spearheaded by Angkor Gold in Banlung at the headquarters.


— Thom Calandra


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