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Topping Off: IMV Immunovaccine shares continue to gain. See protected notices we led with this past week for TCR Network. |

Immunovaccine’s brisk trading of shares this April close comes ahead of a presumed $200 million licensing deal and perhaps more for the Nova Scotia laboratory.

The presumptions are here. The science is in Halifax.

Not cited in this free report this weekend of April 30 are TCR Network articles and descriptions for our TCR Network from February, March and earlier. inject-e1434247124675inject-e1434247124675

[Today-Friday, the stock is rising 8 percent to a fresh high of $1.09 on the IMMVF scale. NASDAQ listing is near.] Such licensing arrangements involve payments to the owner of an oil-based drug-delivery system, in this case DepoVax with Survivac for treating ovarian cancer, HPV-linked cancers of neck, shoulders and throat, possibly Zika virus, malaria, pesky lymphomas and other infectious and rare or not-so-rare people killers.

All of the science is well displayed at the Immunovaccine home site and in several papers. Also: our own TCR Network reports distributed privately. This is year 12 for IMV and its approximtely 10-person laboratory and transactional CEO, Frederic Ors.

I added more shares of IMV/IMMVF this morning [Friday] and now own more than 200,000 of them. Licensing deals usually involve big pharma-cos: IMV already is involved with several in human trials, including Merck and Incyte. Prevously On TCR:

Immunovaccine — clinical test results coming from this immunotherapy company with a DepoVax delivery system, and possible partnerships with major drug companies and license-holders of select cancer-battling (hopefully) compounds, I believe will make global news — possibly on treating ovarian cancer. Good cheap science with good safe science.

Also: respiratory syncytial viruses. IMV is seeing above-par immunogenicity for its protein-antigen combinations using low doses.

Cheap, safe, and apparently longer lasting than any clinical candidates thus far for immunolgical compounds to treat cancer, viruses and follow-on conditions from some infectious diseases, DepoVax-Survivac injections with big-pharma compounds are turning heads after 12 years of lab work.

Look at the one-year and longer DepoVax human data across several applications: nearly 100 percents sccess at stopping tumor progression or lengthening, and at the very least maintaining original antibody levels. My understanding of all this comes from non-insider discussions with IMV execs nd board members and what anyone can find out looking at IMV’s extensive list of possible event triggers on its web site and in discussions with outside medical and pharma specialists … and large IMV shareholders. IMV/IMMVF is based in Halifax, Canada. Much insider-exec buying of shares.

I just received Immunovaccine’s annual general meeting proxy, Look at the share ownership by two of the founders: Albert Scardino and Wade Dawe.

“No guarantees, but licensing deals with mid-sized pharmaceutical companies can start at $300 million,” says Mr. Ors.

Keep one eye (not two) on Inovio, another immuno-developer. As Inovio‘s flogged, promoted and pushy INO (USA ticker) shares decline, and they will, IMV’s will rise. Once again, our two-year thesis.

It’s $1.05 USD share price today for IMMVF. Monday and Tuesday May 1 & May 2 will see continued brisk trading of IMV shares. Breakthrough news on clinical trials and fresh posters will come at San Diego’s BIO conference in June and later this year. Private materials making the case for IMV’s science have been available to TCR Network.

    • methaqualone

      Brett Heath
      is in San Francisco discussing how Sandstorm’s $200 million-plus purchase of Mariana Resources bodes well for royalty and streaming companies such as his: Metalla Royalty & Streaming. It is MTA ticker in Canada. Metalla is among the lowest-priced of a new crop of roy-cos that trade publicly. He is busy adding additional possible revenue paths that will trigger in 2018 and later.
    • Read the Mariana release — it describes the royalty and streaming process. Also one of the longest releases in recent memory. One geologist consultant who exolores his insights into miners and prospectors this week said he would be selling his Mariana shares — largely because a Turkey property, Hot Maden, is somehow transformed into a revenue “stream.”
    • If I understand this cash and stock merger (Mariana stakeholders get 20 percent of new-co), there will be a spin-co: the Hot Maden Turkey prospect. I believe this bodes well for some Turkey projects that have Turkey companies and families running them. Our top one here is Pasinex Resources and its zinc, lead, silver and possible copper properties. Eurasian Minerals owns PSE (Canada ticker) shares and a nearly 3 percent net smelter return on the northern Turkey copper project that profitable and dividend-ing possible Pasinex will be exploring this month and next. I have to admire the verve of Sandstorm, a successful royalty and stream collector. Many in the marketplace of streamers say this transaction looks expensive and a challenge to integrate into the whole. For my own two cents, if Mariana gets cheaper this month and next, and say loses some of the cash-stock merger premium that Sandstorm puffed into it, I would … be … a … buyer of the United Kingdom-managed Mariana.
    • Looking for another 85 percent-premium takeover (or in the Mariana-Sandstorm case, announcement of one)?  Alexandria Minerals is possible — look at the trading volumes the past three wees. It is in Val d’Or, Quebec. Abitibi Royalties is another — also Val d’Or amd Malartic up there.
    • Abitibi Royalties is our No. 1 roy-co at Malartic in Quebec. When Brett locks into another “stream,” silver, gold, copper — please anything but maryjane fields — Brett Heath’s Metalla could show the 10-x to 30-x growth that Abitibi has these past 30 months. Brett is in his mid-30s and hails from Canada, lives in Orange County, California. Golden Valley Mines is the back-door into Abitibi. GZZ owns about half of RZZ (Abitibi) and with Glenn Mullan, controls perhaps 54 percent of GZZ’s voting rights. Oh I forgot to mention, thanks to one of our TCR Network members for the tag on this: KZZ (the zed with the nickel in the name — Nunavik Nickel) now will become the receptacle of the majority of GZZ’s claims, prospects and projects across Quebec and Ontario. The plan was for VZZ to be the recipient but a major VZZ (Uranium Valley Mines) shareholder, Rob McEwen, I am told,  ix-nayed the idea. I own all five zeds — Glenn Mullan’s things.
    • Ralph Shearing in British Columbia tells us about his long-held and managed Telson Resources today-Friday: “This is a major acquisition for Telson which will allow us to have two projects in production early next year. We will be working towards getting Campo Morado up and running producing metal hopefully, within the next 4 to 6 months. We will be funding operating capital with an offtake loan from the concentrate purchaser. Discussions are underway already on this for Campo Morado.
    • “How it goes is that Farallon Mining, a Hunter Dickinson company, made the discoveries back in the early 2000’s and advanced the project to production somewhere around 2008 or 9. In 2010 Nyrstar, the large zinc smelting company, purchased Farallon Mining in an all cash deal valued at $420 million. That is Ralph talking.”Shortly thereafter Nyrstar expanded the milling facility at a cost that I have been told verbally was around $80 million (this figure has not been verified by myself). Nyrstar mined the project through to the end of 2014 and due to deteriorating mining industry conditions and some difficulties with the local communities, (according to Antonio Berlanga the community problems were self-generated) suspended mining operations at the end of 2014,”
    • Ralph Shearing keeps talking:.”In 2015 Nyrstar upper management decided to divest the company of all its North American mining operations and revert to their core business of zinc smelting.Our Campo Morado acquisition is either their second or third disposition.”
    • Mr. Shearing’s takeaway: “I think we are less than two weeks away from announcing a major offtake loan funding from the concentrate purchaser. When this is complete we will basically have the funding we need to build our Tahuehueto mine.” I have yet to purchase Telson shares.

RHINOMED: I talked with Michael Johnson at RhinoMed on his Melbourne office phone Friday morning. The 1-for-10 consolidation will happen any day now. I think the tiny-co with the sleep managing deviced will become an “analog” leader in nasal passage therapies for breathing, sleeping, exercising, medicating … long list. RhinoMed can be a 20x candidate after the share consolidation shows the world what the company, with sales of its simple devices at drug stores in the USA, Canada, Australia, and elsewehere, can add to an already mounting bottom line. As in cash and a tiny “burn” of perhaps $100,000 Australian per quarter. Michael will be in NYC, New Jersey, Orlando, Chicago in the coming week. I own about 1.2 million RNO shares (pre-consolidation and sounds like a lot but comes to about $18 … USD total investment).

DEADWOOD 1876: Love the HBO series from 10 years ago. We came across this warmly framed photo of Deadwood, the town at the center of a Montana, Dakotas, Wyoming gold rush 140 years ago. It was buried in now gone Papa’s stuff — he used to be an exec at Homestake Mining here in San Francisco on California Street. Anyway, nice piece: probably worth $50 USD. Want it? Generate a new subscriber or two to our TCR Network and it is yours. Strategics are preferred — folks who know the landscapes of resource and biomedical research and investing. Smile pardners.


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