WTH Is The Calandra Report’s TCR Network?


THE CALANDRA REPORT is a subscriber service by Thom Calandra.

TCR looks at natural resources, biomedical technologies and special situations. The TCR paying family since 2003 numbers in the tens of thousands.


Thom visits gold, silver, copper (and many other metals) producers and prospectors in jurisdictions worldwide. Thom is also on the line in special situations, among them pharmaceuticals, computer systems integrators; and select real estate and international market companies. Most are smaller than $500 million market worth.

Thom owns shares of about 35 publicly traded companies, three private-cos and a collection of gold, silver and platinum coins. His top holdings include Abitibi Royalties, Immunovaccine, Ivanhoe Mines, Rhinomed, Riverside Resources & Newrange Gold.

Thom’s original TCR in 2003 and 2004 was among the fastest growing subscription financial newsletters in North America. So was Thom Calandra’s StockWatch, which was free through 2004 from 1996 and reached an audited 50 million-plus “views” monthly.

Thom’s work appeared or appears on MarketWatch.com, Stockhouse, CEO.ca, in newspapers and magazines — and in private reports for consulting clients. And at thomcalandra.com.

Thom’s work is first-hand reporting and sparks interest in companies, themes and commodities from large and individual investors.

The price of TCR Network currently is $139 yearly. The service offers original reporting and access to Thom’s personal and professional networks. It includes windows into profit opportunities in special situations, metals, biomedicals and real estate — farmland.

Subscribe today. Join the network. We use PayPal. E-mail thom@thomcalandra.com or see thomcalandra.com to subscribe.


Thom's Chest: Got Gold?
Thom’s Chest: Got Gold?

Thom Calandra also produces Freebies for audiences worldwide. That audience number is in the millions, as audited and confirmed: MarketWatch.com (through January 2004), and presently, thomcalandra.com.

Those thinking about putting their *** on the line with Thom: http://thomcalandra.com/joinourtcrfamily/ .

Please see PayPal for payment. Not ready for full-metal TCR? Snack on some Freebies. 

Thank you!

— Thom