Guns, Gold In Hawthorne, Nevada

HAWTHORNE, Nevada — There is only one weekend a year in this onetime gold boom town when all rooms are booked solid — 6 months in advance: Armed Forces Day.

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'Native' Pamlico Gold: One Of Scores Of Samples
‘Native’ Pamlico Gold
That is (was) this weekend May 19-21, the 67th of these celebrations sitting gun-proud atop the world’s largest military ammunition depot.
Gets so busy in western Nevada’s Mineral County here this weekend, even the drill-rig crew at a prospective gold camp bordering Hawthorne Army Depot was required to scoot from its rooms at the Travelodge.
Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines. That’s the theme for three days.
I am just now returning from Newrange Gold‘s Pamlico property at dusty old Hawthorne, Nevada.
I expect Bob Carrington, geologist and CEO, to publish assays for the first round of exploration (reverse-circulation) drill holes by mid-June. Maybe earlier.
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I have seen early samples of the fresh Newrange Gold drilling here at Pamlico Ridge, along and above the three-year-old decline into the historic mine. Andesitic rock with manganese stamping. Some quartz.
Many of the 4-kilo bags of reverse-circulation material already are at an assays laboratory in Nevada. Other bags of the driller’s haul are on their way as soon as today (Friday May 19, 2017).
In the recently dug decline into the old mine this week, 200 feet or so below surface, we could hear through the rock the grind of the exploration drill-rig for Newrange Hole No. 8. The drill rig was about 150 feet from where we were walking in the decline. 
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A lot of the rock there looked much like the channel sampling and drilled rock from the former owner and the current owner (Newrange Gold is NRG in Canada). That material was as rich as five ounces of gold per ton. (

More Pamlico site photos: here

After this TCR Network report is out Friday, I will be adding about 15,000 shares to my holdings of Newrange Gold, formerly Colombian Mines. — Thom Calandra
[Mission accomplished; Canada stock market is closed Monday for a holiday.]

My decision to add shares right here is based largely on the current drill program’s Hole No. 2, which is a “fraternal twin” of M18, one of many exploratory holes drilled by the recently deceased Richard Merritt and his family (local contractors). That new “twinned” hole, drilled last week, went down mostly vertical to 400 feet below surface.
This hole is in what Newrange Gold advisory board member Nate Tewalt, a founder of the original Great Basin Gold when it was centered in Hawthorne and Winnemucca, Nevada, and not in the ensuing watery pit of South African properties engineered by a CEO who threw frugality to the wind, calls “the hot zone.”
Mr. Tewalt, a geologist who also had a founder’s hand in Silver Predator and now Golden Predator, lives in Nevada, along with Newrange founder Bob Carrington of Reno. I have known them both, and Newrange executive and attorney, Gloria Carrington, originally from Colombia and Bob’s wife, for about 10 years.
Newrange is just less than a $25 million USD market value. Pamlico covers 3,000 acres of property with numerous outcropping rock. Some 100 mine workings and miles of underground drift from the late 1800s through the 1950s are visible. The holes in the ground are everywhere and lead deep into what seems like endless drift of 130-year-old mine workings.
More than 100 years ago, when this Pamlico property threw off more than 1 million ounces of gold, armed forces were at work: some guns of course, but mostly hard-rock diggers armed with pick axes and mule trains to haul their ore.
This is probably one of our TCR Network‘s best shots at simple and pure exploration success for extreme levels of high-grade gold since the now disappeared (bankrupt) Great Basin Gold six years ago.
This region is called Nevada’s Great Basin. Walker Lane. Walker Lake.
High-grade heaven of criss-crossing mineralized veins that are atypical of the state’s vast super pits that you can see from a jet: those company makers (Newmont, Barrick) with their disseminated and eensy-weensy-gram-per-ton grades.
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As for Colombia: Mr. Carrington (on site) is within reach of selling or “monetizing” Newrange’s Yarumalito gold project in Antioquia, Colombia: 18,000 meters of exploration drilling — I have seen it several times. [No filed resource size yet on this one — best guess from my 22 visits to Medellin and the Mid-Cauca Gold Belt: 1.5 million ounces gold.]
Mr. Carrington also has three Colombia entities interested in El Dovio, a longheld copper project in Colombia. You know some of the parties as TCR Network members.
Other Colombia properties owned, licensed or legally controlled at Newrange Gold include Mercedes, which is getting looks from investors, and Cerro Cobre — which means copper hill, copper ridge, in Spanish — and which I have scaled and examined.
Inline image 7 (formerly Brazil Resources) this year and last has been buying Colombia concessions — including Titiribi (formerly a Sunward copper-gold camp) and our old Bellhaven Copper & Gold’s La Mina gold resource (that one yet to close escrow).
Finally, for now: Newrange has $1.8 million CAD in its treasury. Plus about $3 million of warrant money from private placement holders still to be exercised. Even with all that, the fully diluted share count, in keeping with Bob Carrington’s generational aspect for frugality, is less than 80 million pieces of NRG/CMBPF paper.
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USA price is 30 cents — CMBPF
[This report and additional material delivered to TCR Network last week. Previous reports filed to Network members in September 2016, February, March and April 2017.]
A well known and now deceased geologist and “deal maker” once told me, after a visit to Ghana, “So did you feel it in your feet?”
Feel what? I asked him.
“The gold.”
This time, I am thinking I do not need to feel it. As with Golden Predator’s Yukon 3 Aces property, I can see the gold and signs of it all over the place.
[Warrant holders are exercising for the shares and keeping those shares and their originals. I know these folks; a few of them have been here to see the newborn drilling. Others have been here for years. One of the Golden Predator principals also is a private placement investor in Newrange Gold.]
All images here — TCR

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Bob Carrington, sitting left, chats with Nevada State Mines Inspector Ben Viljoen at site

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