Gold Thursday, & Platinum, & Nickel

Measuring Rain & Gain: Predator

Zinc, too, I think.

I just learned more rain and snow covered Northern California in the month of January. Across the Sierra Nevada range that includes Lake Tahoe and Truckee, about 18 million acre feet of moisture. This article points to tools at NASA Propulsion Labs in California and elsewhere for measurements. A telling article.

Our report this Happy Gold Thursday is about measuring, too. Golden Predator shares have more than doubled in my accounts in four weeks — thanks to Yukon’s 3 Aces. Putting our TCR Network in the spotlight, just like the old days (1998 TO 2004).


GOLDEN PREDATOR — Fresh Yukon Drill Core Ahead

IVANHOE MINES — Multi-year highs

Yellocake concentrate -
Yellowcake concentrate

Some have 2016 placement shares of Predator at far lower CAD prices than I do. The assays from a separate nearby target (Ace of Hearts) will be out any day and the core that we saw in Vancouver last week looked to be as rich as original high-grade target Ace of Spades. I will sell a few thousand shares and hold the rest, which is considerable in dollar size. yet not in acre feet. GPY in Canada and NTGSF in USA (I guessed 8 point something grams of gold per metric ton in the “contest” to gauge that core displayed in British Columbia last week — image here).

Nickel One, discussed here for its lack of trading volume, is into a second day of 2 million-share-plus trading. Finland purchase finalized; Stephan Bogner gives more on this from Switzerland. His summary here at Rockstone-Research. No one I contacted, including execs at Nickel One, say they know from where the thick trading by individuals is coming from.

TURNS OUT IT IS PROBABLY GLOBAL BUYING OF ANYTHING WITH THE NAME NICKELPHILIPPINES SHUTTERS NICKEL MINES. NNN in Canada and also trades in Germany on a regular basis. I hold my NNN as my own now-one-year stake is just barely above precipitation.

Ace Of Hearts Core — Yukon Predatot

Virginia Energy is up 40 or 50 percent in a day — and looks to benefit at some point from legal wrangling in the USA state of Virginia about the family-founded Coles Hill uranium project. VUI in Canada and VEGYF in USA So now this is a what, $7 million USD market value with $1 million in working capital? Virginia Energy will triple in a day with any clearance on the legal wrangling to get its years-long uranium project into production.

As Thom Calandra coined in his standing -room-only (OK, I apologize; I will never again refer to TC in the third person) panels, two of them, about uranium: “Even a headline from the Kardashians will move uranium stocks.” This is a short video interview by Investing News Network on the topic — with Thom (oopsie) Calandra. As my contacts at CanAlaska say today from their Athabasca Basin of properties, may this and all the links in this TCR report receive many visitors.

Plus: those VRIC uranium panels — in this one, I am moderating a discussion with execs from CanAlaska Uranium (with Virginia Energy my favorite cheap uranium equity); Denison Mines; Skyharbour Resources. These panels at VRIC, the metals investment conference that coincides with AME RoundUp, really were standing room only. Perhaps 1,000 people across two separate panels were there to see a mediocre moderator query those execs — also Fission 3.0, Fission Uranium, Uranium Energy Corp.

I must say for those looking to jump into the raining profits of natural resource equities right now — DO NOT. Zag as other zig.

Yes I will be holding for a long span of time Ivanhoe Mines, which is at yet again new multi-year highs Thursday — IVN and IVPAF, Canada and US, respectively tickers, and who knows, maybe a market listing soon in China for the Africa mine developer? We have had IVN since 2003 as a private-co, African Minerals, and Ivanplats, and more purchased along the way.

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Yes, I will be paring a small percentage of shares of Golden Predator; I still expect the next assays will show investors that the many, many square kilometers at that southern Yukon property that I visited last summer 2016 have more than one extremely high-grade collection of shallow and outcropping gold veins.

For those who want to zag, here is still time for Immunovaccine shares; clinical test results coming from this immunotherapy company with a DepoVax delivery system, and possible partnerships with major drug companies and license-holders of select cancer-battling (hopefully) compounds, I believe will make global news — possibly on treating ovarian cancer. Good cheap science with good safe science.

Precipitating those trials, anticipating that is, probably is why the stock is going higher; and no, I do not know anything except what anyone can find out looking at IMV’s extensive list of possible event triggers on its web site and in discussions on the record with execs and large shareholders. IMV/IMMVF is based in Halifax, Canada — where we are seeing a lot of fresh companies (IMV is 10 years into being a lab) plotting inroads into gold trends, media trends and even cannabis trends, this last one not for me as an investor.

I am so pleased right now after our five-year drought in California and at TCR, especially for each member of our TCR Network (which is approaching 800 paying members) that I could cry — but then, that would increase the reservoir levels and snowpack depths to further record levels, and I do not want that (raining cats and dogs and snowing in Sierra yet again today).

May the precipitation find its way to other TCR titles that we favor based on honesty, mineral assays, diligent work, safe science, minimum beeswax and superb locations: Radisson Mining, Midland Exploration, Abitibi Royalties/Golden Valley Mines — all of these in Quebec and nearly all of them enjoying exploration and stock market success.

— Thom Calandra [None of these folks pay me except for basic subscriptions, and even then, some do not.]

More uranium material –

VRIC uranium panels

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