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Nickel One [Million] | Immunovaccine Poised | Ivanhoe’s Multi-Year High

Nickel One finally put the pen to paper with Finore Mining and now owns all of  the Lantinen Koillismaa Platinum Group Element-Copper-Nickel (PGE-Cu-Ni) project (in North-central Finland. Price: 5 million common shares (approx $250,000 USD) and 2. 5 million warrants exercisable at $0.12.

The company is a Vancouver set-up that looks to re-classify elements in the deposit so that it shows higher grades — possibly for ore shipment to three area smelters in that part of Finland. I own NNN and have for 11 months. Abraham Drost, a TCR Network trusted geologist and investment-oriented company maker from Thunder Bay, Ontario, is still listed as chairman and a director on the Nickel One web site. Mr. Drost, who favors the company’s other nickel project, in Ontario, stepped down in mid-December and sits on the advisory board.


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  • Virginia Energy

    NNN, the Canada ticker, lacks stock market volume, as in lots of shares trading; we hope this finalizing in Finland helps the flow. Small resource companies that suffer from tiny trading volumes are not participating in the months-long rally in gold, uranium, nickel, platinum, copper, steel, cobalt, silver and so on.

As it turns out Wednesday, NNN saw more than 1.7 million shares change hands in Canada, some of it from European trading and most of it FROM individuals and not banks or asset managers. That is probably a good sign.

Geologist and interim PDAC President Glenn Mullan of the zed-complex Golden Valley Mines/Abitibi Royalties is listed as a NICKEL ONE member of advisory board.

As an aside, I expect very good fresh (drilling) assays to be unveiled any week now from joint-venture participants Agnico-Eagle and Yamana Gold at their Canadian Malartic’s Odyssey Zone, an Abitibi Royalties discovery and royalty earner (NSR — net smelter returns). THIS IN TURN WILL IGNITE A BIDDING TUMULT FOR ABITIBI ROYALTIES AMONG OTHER ROYALTY-COS AND PERHAPS BY AGNICO-EAGLE AND YAMANA GOLD. Golden Valley Mines owns about 50 percent of Abitibi Royalties: tickers in Canada are RZZ and GZZ.

Uranium concentrate's spot price

Uranium: Tokyo Electric Power is citing “act of God” and does not want to fulfill purchase agreements for Cameco-supplied uranium. It is another opportunity to purchase uranium equities at what we see here at TCR as a temporary discount. (Same thing happened two weeks ago to Cameco when it published poor financial news.)

TEPCO’s contracts are expensive compared to current spot. This Cameco contract termination from TEPCO may have as much to do with pricing of these contracts than TEPCO’s lack of need right now.”

That is Dundee’s David Talbot, a brokerage analyst. The Fukushima disaster in Japan shut down nuclear reactors. The utility says it has not been able to use the uranium for 18 months and more. Mr. Talbot says purchase pacts between Saskatchewan’s Cameco (CCJ ticker) and TEPCO were signed 10 years ago at a price of perhaps $107 per pound. Current spot price for U3o8 concentrates, yellowcake, are $24.50 USD per pound.

Our uranium equities here at home are CanAlaska Uranium, Fission 3.0 and Virginia Energy.

DROPBOX: This is the latest “deal” for those seeking some of the giant and private Internet-cos with billion-dollar plus values — from Canada’s InvestX, of which I am an investor. It is a DropBox offer for accredited investors in North America who wish to stake $20,000 USD.

InvestX is in its fourth year and looks to be going great guns for “the crowd” that wants to feel Uber good about their private investment choices. Some of these offerings allow as little as $2,500 USD. The list is a regular HootSuite of choices: Among the highest minimums are DropBox and Airbnb. I love the InvestX approach and the diligence performed by chief entrepreneur Marcus New, a friend of mine and longtime TCR Network member, and co-founder with me of TickerTrax, now run by Danny Deadlock for Stockhouse in Canada.


When it comes to “privates,” I tend to shy away from these giants. Even with our home(s) in the tech ghetto of Marin County, California, where every neighbor works for Twitter, Cisco, Google, Twitter and the rest. My private investments include a handful of choices at low valuations — including InvestX, Valaurum (the gold certificate company) and one or two others that are off the radar.

Marcus New

As for new ideas, Marcus New, mid-40s, is one of those folks in the people portfolio who will pay dividends for a long long time. He is honest, works his entrepreneurial seat of the pants off and gets very good grades from InvestX and Stockhouse employees. Investors in InvestX include Frank Holmes of U.S. Global, a Texas handler and investor in resources equities and emerging market companies worldwide. By the way, if you think any of these cats PAY ME. they DO NOT.

More to come: Immunovaccine — continues to rise as clinical trial results loom for a couple of cancers and other diseases;;  IMV in Canada and IMMVF in USA

American Farmland closes its merger with Farmland Partners on Thursday — and the shares of both are full of good crop. Farmland Partners with American Farmland’s managed properties — specialty crops such as pistachios and almonds and tangerines — will be the largest publicly traded real estate investment trust in North America farmland, and we here at home own acres of it. FPI and AFCO are the USA tickers FPI will be the lone NYSE ticker starting Thursday February 2, 2017.

Ivanhoe Mines looks to be at a multi-year high as its IVN shares surpass the $4 CAD mark. The South Africa and DRC Congo mine developer (zinc copper platinum nickel vanadium palladium) is benefiting from speculation the company will unveil a separation of its three central parts: the Flatreef/Platreef platinum in RSA South Africa, and the KipushiKakula copper discoveries that are ongoing, and the Kamoa copper and zinc mine rehabilitation, those last two in DRC Congo. Perhaps. I am in for the $9 CAD stock price in a few months. The Mining In Indaba showcase in Cape Town will take place in Cape Town next week. My friend Sandy Lawrence used to run it and now owns and operates Lion’s Run, a Napa Valley California winery.

| Gold will be going far higher in coming days. Platinum too. And select small uranium companies and that immunological lab (Halifax) tagged here.

— Thom Calandra [Latest purchases include more IMV; those looking for rocket rides in short spans — Virginia Energy | Thunderstruck Resources | possibly Pasinex Mines. See our coverage. I know things but then, so do you. IMV in Canada and IMMVF in USA

Inline image 3 — my kind of currency. I am an investor in privately
held Valaurum.  
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— Thom Calandra (None of these companies pays me — not a one.)

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