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New material just in this weekend. What a week, month and year!


We likely will see continued assays from drilling at Ace of Hearts — a heady target that is part of Golden Predator‘s Yukon 3 Aces gold project. in Canada’s Yukon.


As soon as this week.


GPY in Canada and NTGSF in USA are the tickers. I hold my Golden Predator shares and will add on lower prices.

Fresh 3 Ace of Spades Core
Fresh 3 Ace of Hearts Core

I think the fresh assays from displayed core we saw in January will bring Canada Day to Yukon a half-year early — fireworks anyway. I am guessing 8 grams a ton gold for the samples but really the mineralization could be three to five times that — what with all the nuggety gold around there.

No idea on size of samples here but if they trend as the Ace of Spades targets nearby did in results published three or so weeks ago, Janet-Lee and Bill Sheriff’s decision to put the Brewery Creek mine and property on the back burner up there will look good. As in, maybe a full-house and not just two pair (a dead man’s hand).

It is like I am acting a part in one of the cable TV series DEADWOOD’s creeks, sifting for rock just a few miles yonder from the Gem Saloon.
Maps here. Gold grades, intercepts, here: 3 Aces.

Also please see: Yukon Deck of Varicose Gold Veins September 2016)

GPY’s 3 Aces is in my own rock review there several months ago presented a landscape of easily read and rich veins outcropping mostly at surface. The thing when it becomes a mine probably is a combination underground and open-pit operation. It is out in the boonies, but right on pavement to another former mine up there. 

Inline image 2
Ruffled No More: Resources


Poker Face: what I am shedding in this wave of commodity comfort: African Gold Group (remember this thing — Mali, Ghana?). Also shedding Tembo Gold (remember that thing — Tanzania?). We are talking some of this stuff held here at home for five years, six years, more. Some of this clutter has to go.


Witness Colt Resources — a Portugal mess. I went, I saw its two projects, its winery and convent set amidst cork trees in rolling hills, and I liked it. How wrong could I have been? I believe GTP is halted in Canada trading (at 3.5 cents CAD) since January 31 because of an internal probe about financial affairs and missing money. I lost at least $20,000 USD on Colt — and no longer own GTP (gold tungsten Portugal). I held those shares for so long, the old jugs of corks we keep somewhere around here were worth more when I sold the stock. The company promises an update in a conference call that is yet not on the calendar.


Onto our successes at this point in mid-February. I am thrilled the royalty-cos/streamers are outpacing the market. I expect the frenzy to continue: Metalla Royalty & Streaming is selling shares in a placement at 50 cents with, I believe, a warrant. Good for MTA.


I am showing an outsized gain on my purchased Metalla shares (MTA Canada and EXCFF USA) and will be paring my decent sized stake — but only on strength and as investors seek assets with the promise of cash flow. Selling for diversification purposes solely. Brett Heath (mid-30s or so) in Toronto and Orange County California is doing all he said he would with this streamer of a start-up.


That is a lot like Eurasian Minerals, like Abitibi Royalties, Uranium Valley Mines, Golden Valley Mines, all like Riverside but larger. Most of these have securities in their file cabinets, plus NSR royalties, claims, stakes, cash and exploration strategies. Metalla, the newbie of the bunch, already is ensconced in net smelter returns in Africa and in Ontario at a Gold Corp property at Timmins, I believe.
I expect LKA Gold — LKAI is the USA ticker — to see renewed interest in the Kinross Gold-sponsored drilling of claims on trend with its high grade Golden Wonder Mine in Colorado. We also could see a marketing program for the microscopic company with the potent gold ore. I bought more LKAI this week. Any data from Kinross on the exploration drilling at Lake City, or an indication that more drilling will resume once the snow clears, will double the price of these rare LKAI shares.
Off the land line, that is, with Riverside Resources. I forgot that the project spawner (Mexico, Arizona, Canada) has zero warrants, a few employee options and fewer than 40 million shares fully full (as in diluted). Pretty remarkable in this age of wheeling warrants to every leach-artist in the room.
Triggers for RRI — Canada ticker … are attached in a deck from Riverside’s Joness Lang in Toronto. Joness, 34, deserves a bonus for keeping me on track with the tiny company and its half-dozen projects, partnerships and initiatives in Mexico alone (Sonora, Durango departments — gold, copper, silver). I just bought several thousand more shares to add to our total here at home. RVSDF ticker in USA. I have been to the Mexico properties. Fresh triggers ahead for a $22 million USD market value company? Even a hiccup or the hint of a copper-gold porphyry will get RRI to multi-year highs.

 Thanks to about 20 new members of TCR Network this week. Welcome. What a year so far. [Outsized gains — Ivanhoe, Metalla, Immunovaccine, Virginia Energy, Riverside, Farmland Partners, Wesdome, Eurasian Minerals, Golden Valley Mines, Abitibi Royalties, Midland Exploration


Scoring The Card


I added to my CanAlaska Uranium today-Friday. I look to add Virginia Energy if that VEGYF / VUI stock ever cools its heels. I am looking at but have yet to push the button on Skyharbour — Jordan Trimble’s eastern Athabasca uranium explorer.
I sold all of my Wesdome Gold Mines on strength.

I hold all of my Immunovaccine shares (approx. 170,000 shares) — in its ovarian cancer trials comes the promise of a safe, honest and elegant treatment of the disease. The stock is on fire. IMMVF eventually will find its way to NASDAQ. Ping me for a summary of the Echelon Wealth Partners examination we discussed  last week. Mid-March is the next leap — Incyte trials — ovarian cancer. Also: IMV in Canada


Ivanhoe Mines hits multi-year highs Friday as execs and new faces tour IVN’s copper, zinc, platinum, nickel, vanadium (etc) mines being developed in South Africa and DRC Congo. Holding all of it. IVPAF also in USA IVN at $3 billion-plus market value is one of the world’s highest-rated minerals exploration and development companies. It has been a long time coming for those folks. More than 20 years.


Finally, I created a Motif Investing Motif with shares of recently ravaged yet rebounding Coeur Mining, little known Paramount Gold & Silver Nevada, Seabridge Gold, Comstock Mining, JNUG, NUGT, Farmland Partners (a hidden little gem) and one or two others and bought it on Thursday.  I am calling it POTENT METALS–TCR NETWORK. It is rising. I am adding cash to the motif. It is outlined below.


My two others are Ruffled Resources & Genes Genes. Ruffled Resources I have had for three years and it is up about 45%  since inception (not the film, the start of my custom motif). Genes Genes I just created and threw some money at this week: gene editing stocks mostly and BioCryst Pharma.


Only USA securities thus far from the California-based Motif Investing shop. Plus, if your choices include penny stocks or low priced ones — below $4 a share I believe — you cannot search the Motif catalog for them unless someone — me in this case — sends you a link to the basket.


Metals Potent Style a la The Calandra Report 


— Thom Calandra (None of these companies pays me — not a one.)

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