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Author at Udon temples 40 km outside Phnom Penh
Cambodia Invite Jan. 10, 2018 — TCR Network

PHNOM PENH — These dozen or so invitations to tour Cambodia probably will go quickly.

We will be coordinating a tour of gold, bamboo and copper projects, of volcanic lakes, of the capital, Phnom Penh, and of the temples of Angkor Wat and beaches of Sihanoukville. [Photo stream here: July 2017 TCR]

Many choices. For example, those who wish and can ride one also may partake of a motorcycle ride to lovely Pursat from the capital, four hours round trip plus viewing and lunch. Angkor Gold’s VP of operations and Cambodia resident, John-Paul Dau of Calgary, and I will be riding our Ducati road bikes.

Phnom Penh: August Clouds

Dates are firm: mid-January 2018 (January 10 onward) — that’s dry, sunny season.

I have done this Cambodia trip with the assistance of Angkor Gold and various medical teams, artists and education professionals, geologists, investors, photographers, English teachers, computer programmers and inventors some 14 times in six years. This one will be (I believe) the best so far.

We have had couples, high-schoolers, photographers, adventurers, high spooners, casual tourists, compulsive shoppers, gem hunters, gung-ho investors, software programmers, botanists and Asia aficionados. On one of these, we had 12, count ’em, 12 women and three guys in hard hats touring the formative Mesco Gold Mine.


A very wet, wet season this year — this is Halo copper camp in NE Cambodia

We look to limit the group to 15 folks who might have an interest in seeing nation of Cambodia a first or second time. [We sent this invitation to our TCR Network earlier this past week; 4 spots are still open.]


Also loosely required as a test of stamina: folks of any age who can bicycle for two hours every third day, leisurely and across mostly flat terrain. Who can contribute a service for Angkor Gold’s community in Ban Lung for a maximum two hours on one given day.

Bridge At Entrance To A Property In Ratanakiri Province At Oyadao

I will be performing some volunteer work (usually teaching lamguage) this autumn of 2017 during another trip to the kingdom. (I am there right now, viewing gold and copper projects and a bamboo factory in the field. Images here taken on current [July 2017] trip.)

Later this autumn, I will be inspecting a private investment opportunity (bamboo in Mondulkiri Province), and I shall be securing a flat in the capital for my family [the kids are at university] for long-term living.

If you are interested in this January 2018 trip, send me a simple note. To guarantee your attendance, you will have to send an entirely non-refundable $100 USD to me via PayPal. That is a fee of faith and is not a deposit.

Our Trip Will Be A Dry Run In January — Not Like This Swampy Scene At Halo Camp Last Week

There are no requirements for investing, no time-share tours, no beeswax. Just fun. The best folks on the planet. The best food. The best city, rural, lake, beach and jungle scenes. And so on.

Some but not all costs will be yours. Angkor Gold will handle all of the air-conditioned vehicle transport within the tropical country, including between the capital and Ban Lung (Ratanakiri Province) and between the city of Ban Lung and the city of Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) at its expense.

Cambodia, by the way, is the lowest-cost nation in the world for food, travel, living. If this place were in the Big Mac Index, its meals would rank cheapest of ’em all.

Bamboo factory project in Mondulkiri Province

Please pack lightly as you almost surely will not use most of your wardrobe. If you do, laundry service for your pile runs $2, sometimes less.

Hotels with excellent suggestions on my part and on the part of Angkor Gold are at your expense in all locations in this, the lowest-cost nation in SE Asia (by a long shot).

A pleasant and comfortable hotel suite in all locations runs no more than $65 USD per night and in many cases far less, and this includes breakfast and free Internet. A dinner for two with drinks and gratuity runs $20 USD to $35 USD.

Several dinners (two or three) will be at the expense of Angkor Gold. Probably four or five, if I know Mike and Delayne Weeks of Angkor Gold.

I hope you will join us. References gladly given for the scores of folks from Canada, USA, Australia, China & Japan who already have been tripping in Cambodia with this itinerary.

I make no money from this trip or from previous ones to Cambodia. Angkor Gold is not a sponsor of our TCR Network, but I am a six-year shareholder of Angkor Gold stock [ANK & ANKOF tickers in Canada and USA].

This quick take on mineralization in Cambodia from Dennis Ouellette, chief geologist and exploration manager at Angkor Gold:

“Cambodia is a country whose geology is just now beginning to be understood. The geological community believed that it could not host porphyry copper gold molybdenum porphyry style systems. Angkor Gold has “discovered” three so far. They are all in the country’s northeast Ratanakiri Province.”


Mesco Gold MIne: Nearly Complete

He says, “Porphyry systems tend to occur in clusters and often have related gold bearing vein deposits around them. Angkor Gold’s large land package in this area and significant exploration database puts the company in an advantageous position for future discoveries as we continue to explore.

“I honestly believe that Angkor Gold is in a terrific position with its current land package and evolving understanding of the mineralized systems contained within. When the markets turn and the investment world once again

Dry Season Is Dry; This Is Wet — Dennis Ouellette In Background, Avoiding Mud And Vehicle Rescue

looks to the junior mining market as a means to quick profit, Angkor Gold will be in the forefront.”

— Thom Calandra [Cambodia will open your eyes to the good that natural resources and big-hearted companies can do to accelerate the health of an emerging nation.]

[All images: Thom Calandra]

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Thom Calandra & TCR are researchers and investors. Research and material they offer to subscribers are meant as editorial opinion.

Thom Calandra & TCR are researchers and investors. Research and material they offer to subscribers are meant as editorial opinion.




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